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ARLHO - The Australasian Register of Living History Organisations.

It could be said that to the general populace, history is somewhat of a "forgotten country".
Living historians and reenactors are navigators to this land, and they carry out this duty gladly with a devotion both to their craft and to the people around them, be they fellow participants or the public .

To assist in this quest, this site aims to list all known Australian and New Zealand Organisations covering all periods, (as well as overseas groups with Antipodean subject matter) and hopes to improve the interaction between them by providing the means in one package.
You will find here contact information on groups, mailing lists and resources for living history and reenactment.

ARLHO is made up of people - individuals from all walks of life that join together in a love of history and a desire to communicate that love to others.

Their method for achieving this is based on their own continuing journey of research and discovery which has seen incalculable hours - and often lifetimes- spent learning long forgotten skills or absorbing cultures and points of view that may seem foreign not only to themselves but to more contempory sensabilities.  Are you ready for your journey............?


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The Glory of Greece & The Might of Rome
Early to Late Medieval
From the "Dark Age" to the Flower of Chivalry
Society of Creative Anachronism/Medievalists
Other Pre-17th Century Research
Renaissance,Schools of Swordmanship & Reformation/Restoration
A New Age.
The 18th Century
The Time of Explorers and Expansion
The Armies of Napoleon and his Foes
Rendezvous to ACW
Our Brother Jonathans
Victorian Era
Sons of the Empire
20th Century
WW1, WW2 and After
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