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18th Century
Last Update: Tuesday 12th October 2010 (4 Entries)

Reformation/Restoration | 18th Century |Napoleonic

Country / State Organisation Postal Contact Era Extra Information
www Email yahoo group (10 Oct 10)
The New England Colonial Living History Group
"Wychwood" - MSF 2007
Armidale 2350 NSW
Keith Burgess
Phone:02 67755292 Fax: -
www Email (04 Aug 06)
Regiment La Sarre
PO Box 227
St Peters NSW 2044
W Lincoln
Phone: 0411 422 144
Fax: (02) 9591 0100
1651 to 1795 French
Email (1 July 08)
The Caribbean Trading Companies 1680-1740
71 Annette Road
Lowood QLD 4311
Mrs Terry Walker
Phone:(07) 546 1826
Fax: -
1680-1740 English colony in the Caribbean
www Email (09 Dec 06)
Sea Wolves: pirates of the seven seas
Gympie QLD 4570
Nicole Whittaker
Golden age of piracy 16th - 17th century

Reformation/Restoration | 18th Century |Napoleonic

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